Sanitas Annual Report

Since 2020, we’ve had the pleasure of designing the Sanitas Annual Report. This online report provides detailed information on economic, social, and environmental issues of the healthcare international company.

As we had to make this 13-page website in the record time of three months (design + development), we came up with ten different customizable sections that combined, would compose the whole website. By adding various illustrations or images to each section, we created a dynamic and fluent website that offers the information to the users clearly and engagingly.

The aim of this year’s report was to express the technological development that Sanitas is experimenting. To achieve this goal, we created a wide range of futuristic animated illustrations.

Client: Sanitas

Area: Healthcare

Year: 2023

Credits: @ethicmag (project responsable), Carmen Gómez-Cotta (project manager), andrea_seyes (development), Jose Garassino (motion grapher), Noemí del Val (photographer)

Tags: web design, annual report, illustration