YOS is a new psychology centre that helps people that have eating disorders and addictions.


Its founders are powerful women that wanted to create a brand that could stand out from other psychology centres and break the rules within the psychology aesthetics. 

The name YOS comes from “SOY” which means “I am “ in Spanish. Patients approach YOS looking to be “SOY”. The logo needed to represent this double meaning. We manage to illustrate this concept by letting the logo be rotated on different corporative pieces. For example, on the website, the logo turns around with a mouse hover or on business cards the logo can be read on both sides thanks to the embossing.

The colour palette represents the two services that YOS offers: strong yellow for eating disorders and electric blue for addictions.

Client: Yos Psicología

Area: Psicology

Year: 2022

Credits: Ángel Pérez (web code)

Tags: Branding, Web Design